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Will my Therapist tell me what to do?

No, as your therapist it is my job to guide and support your views and problems with respect. The aim for a therapist is to understand the problems of the client and identify ways to cope with them as well as overcome them using my experience and training.


Who can receive counselling?

Anyone of any age group will benefit from counselling so long as they require the unbiased support in order to overcome the problems. Any client under the age of 18 will need to have adequate parental/guardian approval. However with my volunteer work with local agencies I am DBS approved.


Where can I receive counselling?

The best counselling sessions take place in the calm and peaceful environment, in order to help the client speak freely. Whether the client feels more comfortable in their own home or in new surroundings such as the home of the therapist is all personal preference. 


How many sessions will I have?

Firstly, it will depend on the problem and how each individual deals with the sessions. A minimum of 6 sessions is advised, but will be discussed in the initial session.


What if it doesn't work?

Not one person is the same and because of this the process of recovery can vary for each individual client. The support of the therapist is always advised and most consider it helpful but if throughout the course of the counselling you don’t feel like you’re a benefiting from it then just inform your counsellor.



If you have any questions in need of answering, feel free and ask me via the email provided.

Sarah Mann (MNCS Acc)

Tel: 07889 015 540




Qualified & experienced to support:

Abuse | Anger | Anxiety |  
Children &Young Adults | Confidence | Couples 
Domestic Abuse | Depression | Grief | 
Historic Child Abuse  
Fear & Phobias | Relationships |
Self Esteem | Sexual Violence

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