Whilst many people put both Counselling and Psychotherapy into an umbrella term that covers talking therapies we can help to break down the benefits offered by each as follows:



An opportunity to talk through your thoughts and feelings about matters that are currently concerning you.   Helping clients align the priorities and help configure a path through positive choices… in line with behaviour.


Sessions usually consist of 6-8 weekly sessions taking approximately an hour each



A more in depth longer term view and uses various elements to help support a client explore more about themselves… It’s a longer commitment from the client and therapist but affords the opportunity to review deeper issues and have a greater self awareness and understanding. It helps highlight the relationship between thinking feeling and behaving, and identify patterns of behaviour – that may be generated by self defeating behaviours or limited thinking, or historical beliefs.


Consultations are generally on a weekly basis and take about 50 minutes.  The initial consultation is an information collection and assessment session where we can agree a plan of action and identify expectations and desired outcomes.


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Sarah Mann (MNCS Acc)

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Children &Young Adults | Confidence | Couples 
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Fear & Phobias | Relationships |
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