Cost Vs Value

Private therapy is a positive choice.


Working with the right herapist is paramount to the success of the therapy.   I suggest that clients phone around and talk to a couple of therapists before chosing who to work with. 


Working with someone out of choice rather than someone you sent to ensures a genuine connection, wich saves time, and saves disapointment of a failed connection.  It also ensures consistency and continuity of care and engagement from the therapist and commitment from the client.   


It is standard practice to assume a starting commitment of 6 sessions but every scenario is different and individual.  


Adult Fees - £50 per session (50 mins)

Couples Fees - £100 per session  (90 mins)

Children and Young Adult (under 18) Fees - £40 per session


You can cease sessions at any time appropriate notice is required for cancellation of sessions. 


I believe that Good Mental Health should not be a privilege for those that can afford it.

At the discretion of the therapist bespoke cost bundles can be arranged for therapy.


Sarah Mann (MNCPS Acc). BACP 

Tel: 07889 015540





Qualified & experienced to support:

Abuse ◾ Anger ◾ Anxiety
◾  Children &Young Adults ◾ Confidence
◾ Domestic Abuse ◾ Depression ◾ Grief
◾ Historic Child Abuse ◾ Fear & Phobias
◾ Relationships (Personal & Professional)
◾ Self Esteem ◾ Sexual Violence ◾ 
Stress ◾ Trauma
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