Cost Vs Value

Private therapy is a positive choice.


It ensures consistency and continuity of care from the therapist and commitment from the client.   


It is good practice to assume a starting commitment of 6 sessions any other sessions that are needed will depend on your specific situation.  You can cease sessions at any time appropreiate notice is required for cancellation of sessions.


Adult Fees - £40 per session (50 mins)


                                     Couples Fees - £70 per session  (90 mins)


                                     Children and Young Adult (under 18) Fees - £30 per session



I believe that Good Mental Health is not a privilege for those that can afford it and reserve a couple of client spaces at any one time for clients who need financial assistance.  Please ask if you need financial assistance.


If you have any queries or to wish to make an appointment or book a free 15 minute initial consultation contact via telephone or email.   


For therapy to be effective, its vital that you get on with your therapist and feel that you can talk to them...  I always suggest that people almost interview a couple of therapists before commiting, to make sure they are comfortable going forwards.   Take advantage of a free 15 minute phone call prior to initial consultation to ensure that you are committing yourself in the right direction.   



Sarah Mann (MNCS Acc)

Tel: 07889 015 540




Qualified & experienced to support:

Abuse ◾ Anger ◾ Anxiety
◾  Children &Young Adults ◾ Confidence
◾ Domestic Abuse ◾ Depression ◾ Grief
◾ Historic Child Abuse ◾ Fear & Phobias
◾ Relationships (Personal & Professional)
◾ Self Esteem ◾ Sexual Violence ◾ 
Stress ◾ Trauma
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