What the clients say...

"If my children only knew how much you had helped me re-frame and consequently react to events through this difficult time, they'd be thanking you too.   I am so much calmer and managing the stressful situations around our family so much better.    If they only knew - truly skills for a lifetime of dealing with family and colleagues"

                                                                                                                                                    M.P. - Brentwood

"I've been using my notes and reflecting on how far I have come in a year.   The book we created has changed so much.   I have changed from my job to a career, I don't have to save everyone I meet and I have stopped taking on everyone's problems.   I can't believe how much the tools and techniques we worked on have impacted so many areas of my life - and all for the better.   Thank you so much."  

                                                                                                                                                     N.I.  -   Barking

"Just a quick thank you - Everyone should have a Sarah in their life.  My inner child is now excited for the future and not scared, I am looking forward to the new training and promotion at work rather than dreading it.   My patterns are changing, and my heart is blooming, 

Thank you like I say...  Everyone should have a Sarah in their life"

                                                                                                                                                    D.N - Collier Row 


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  • C.B (Tuesday, December 01 20 01:26 pm GMT)

    Thank you Sarah. After suffering Trauma I couldn't believe how quickly you showed me how to deal with it, and how to move on. Wish I'd come to sooner, Life is so much better now.

Feel free to contact for support.   hello@mylifeincolour.co.uk

                                         or call   07889 015 540

Sarah Mann (MNCPS Acc). BACP 

Tel: 07889 015540

Email: hello@mylifeincolour.co.uk




Qualified & experienced to support:

Abuse ◾ Anger ◾ Anxiety
◾  Children &Young Adults ◾ Confidence
◾ Domestic Abuse ◾ Depression ◾ Grief
◾ Historic Child Abuse ◾ Fear & Phobias
◾ Relationships (Personal & Professional)
◾ Self Esteem ◾ Sexual Violence ◾ 
Stress ◾ Trauma
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