What the clients say...

"If my children only knew how much you had helped me re-frame and consequently react to events through this difficult time, they'd be thanking you too.   I am so much calmer and managing the stressful situations around our family so much better.    If they only knew - truly skills for a lifetime of dealing with family and colleagues"

                                                                                                                                                    M.P. - Brentwood

"I've been using my notes and reflecting on how far I have come in a year.   The book we created has changed so much.   I have changed job to the one I always wanted, I don't have to save everyone I meet and I have stopped taking on everyone's problems.   I cant believe how much the tools and techniques we worked on have impacted so many areas of my life - and all for the better.   Thank you so much."  

                                                                                                                                                     N.I.  -   Barking

"Just a quick thank you - Everyone should have a Sarah in their life.  My inner child is now excited for the future and not scared, I am looking forward to the new training and promotion at work rather than dreading it.   My patterns are changing, and my heart is blooming, 

Thank you like I say...  Everyone should have a Sarah in their life"

                                                                                                                                                    D.N - Collier Row 


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Feel free to contact for support.   hello@mylifeincolour.co.uk

or call   07889 015 540

Sarah Mann (MNCS Acc)

Tel: 07889 015 540



Email: hello@mylifeincolour.co.uk

Qualified & experienced to support:

Abuse ◾ Anger ◾ Anxiety
◾  Children &Young Adults ◾ Confidence
◾ Domestic Abuse ◾ Depression ◾ Grief
◾ Historic Child Abuse ◾ Fear & Phobias
◾ Relationships (Personal & Professional)
◾ Self Esteem ◾ Sexual Violence ◾ 
Stress ◾ Trauma
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